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The Symphony Platform provides many ways of integrating with your systems and driving business processes. Learn to use Symphony's offerings by first defining where your journey as a Symphony developer begins. Whether it's a simple command-response bot, a workflow-driving bot, or embedding Symphony chat within your web portal, this guide should get you started and developing production-ready solutions.

Speaking your language

Getting started with development on the Symphony Platform should take no more than a minute. With this in mind, Symphony provides API Clients in the following languages:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .NET

Quick Look into the Toolbox

const Symphony = require('symphony-api-client-node');

const botHearsSomething = ( event, messages ) => {
    messages.forEach( (message, index) => {
      console.log( 'The BOT heard "' + message.messageText +'" from ' + message.initiator.user.displayName );

Symphony.initBot(__dirname + '/config.json')
  .then( (symAuth) => {
    Symphony.getDatafeedEventsService( botHearsSomething );
public class BotExample {

    public static void main(String [] args) {
        BotExample app = new BotExample();
    public BotExample() {
        URL url = getClass().getResource("config.json");
        SymConfigLoader configLoader = new SymConfigLoader();
        SymConfig config = configLoader.loadFromFile(url.getPath());
        SymBotAuth botAuth = new SymBotAuth(config);
        SymBotClient botClient = SymBotClient.initBot(config, botAuth);
        DatafeedEventsService datafeedEventsService = botClient.getDatafeedEventsService();
        RoomListener roomListenerTest = new RoomListenerTestImpl(botClient);
        IMListener imListener = new IMListenerImpl(botClient);

public void ChatBotTest()
            SymBotClient symBotClient = new SymBotClient();
            DatafeedEventsService datafeedEventsService = new DatafeedEventsService();
            SymConfig symConfig = symBotClient.initBot("PATH");
            RoomListener botLogic = new BotLogic();
            DatafeedClient datafeedClient = datafeedEventsService.init(symConfig);
            Datafeed datafeed = datafeedEventsService.createDatafeed(symConfig, datafeedClient);
            datafeedEventsService.getEventsFromDatafeed(symConfig, datafeed, datafeedClient);

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Welcome Symphony Developer!

Let's change the way we work