Using the Symphony Bot Generator

The Symphony bot generator is a yeoman generator that can generate bots in various languages for use as a starting point.

To use the Symphony bot generator, install the following developer tools:

Execute the following command to install the Symphony bot generator:

npm install -g generator-symphony --cli

Execute the following commands to create a directory for your bot and to generate a bot in the language of your choice:

mkdir mybotapp
cd mybotapp
yo symphony

The Symphony bot generator displays a series of questions allowing you to specify how the bot client is generated. The following shows example screen output when generating a Java client:

? ==========================================================================
We're constantly looking for ways to make yo better! 
May we anonymously report usage statistics to improve the tool over time? 
More info: &
========================================================================== No
/          SYMPHONY GENERATOR 1.0          /
/    by     /
/ (c) 2018 Symphony Communication Services /
? What do you want to create bot
? What is the name of your project mybotapp
? What is your POD subdomain mycompany-ause1-all
? What is your preferred programming language Java
? What is the BOT username megabot
? What is the BOT email address
? Do you want to generate a self signed certificate Yes
? Which template do you want to start with Request/Reply
* Generating bot Java code from Request/Reply template...
* Generating certificate for BOT megabot...
* BOT generated successfully!!
   create pom.xml
   create src/main/java/
   create src/main/java/
   create src/main/java/
   create src/main/resources/config.json
   create certificates/all_symphony_certs_truststore
(node:6339) [DEP0006] DeprecationWarning: child_process: options.customFds option is deprecated. Use options.stdio instead.

What's Next

The Symphony bot generator creates projects that are based on the Symphony API clients. Continue to learn more about the Symphony API clients.

Symphony API Clients

Using the Symphony Bot Generator

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