RSA Authentication

The Preferred Authentication Method

RSA Authentication is an alternative (now preferred) to the traditional Certificate Based Authentication in Symphony. RSA authentication allow you as a developer to quickly authenticate with the system without the need of the PKI Infrastructure team at your firm. Please click here for more information about RSA Authentication.

As a part of the API Clients there is the option pass in the parameters needed authenticate using RSA and the API Clients will do the rest. Please see the following configuration to get started:

  "keyAuthHost": "",
  "keyAuthPort": 8444,
  "podHost": "",
  "podPort": 443,
  "agentHost": "",
  "agentPort": 443,
  "botEmailAddress": "",
  "botPrivateKeyPath": "/Users/developer/keys/",
  "botPrivateKeyName": "rsatestbot_privatekey.pkcs8",
  "botUsername": "rsatestbot"